What Does Apportunity Mean?

Apportunity is a portmanteau of the words “app,” short for application, and “opportunity.” An apportunity happens when there is a demand for a given service, and there is an application that can be built to fulfill that demand. In other words, when someone comes up with an idea that people will flock to when an app is built for it, that is an apportunity.


Techopedia Explains Apportunity

An apportunity can happen in any number of ways. Technology is quickly reordering and changing the ways that people live their lives. One easy example of an apportunity is the possible set of apps that that can be designed to help people who are standing in lines. By collecting and aggregating data and passing it on to users, an application could tell people, for example, how long they are likely to wait in lines at the post office, the DMV or even for rides at amusement parks. Other examples of apportunity include apps that help people understand the itinerary of delivery or service drivers, apps that would help with education and apps that would be useful in medicine, personal finance and other areas. From a company’s perspective, apportunity is a way to talk about potential and the best path forward in developing applications for consumer audiences. Apportunity is also a focus for some companies creating tech contests or other interactive events. In addition, Apportunity is a brand name for an existing company.


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