Enterprise Database

What Does Enterprise Database Mean?

An enterprise database is used by enterprises and large organizations to manage their huge collection of data. Such a database helps companies improve their efficiency. An enterprise database is robust enough to successfully handle the queries of multiple users simultaneously, and is capable of handling a range of 100 to 10,000 users at a time.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Database

Enterprise databases are widely used by enterprises in order to strategize, plan and standardize practices. They are primarily employed to boost efficiency in the company. By reducing costs, they help in promoting the effectiveness within an organization.

An enterprise database must allow simultaneous access of a large number of users. Some of the features such databases include:

  • Parallel query
  • Multiprocess support
  • Clustering features

An ideal enterprise database is loaded with an array of features, all of which are focused to improve productivity and efficiency of the organization.


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