Bandwidth Meter

What Does Bandwidth Meter Mean?

A bandwidth meter is a tool through which
various aspects related to bandwidth like reporting and monitoring can be
performed. Such a tool can be easily installed on a computer to track its Internet usage. It can also display real-time graphs through which users
can easily create reports and issue alerts based on uploads and downloads.


Techopedia Explains Bandwidth Meter

There are various bandwidth meter applications available on the market. They may perform various functions such as blocking incoming connections and monitoring bandwidth usage. The applications also give the option of tracking bandwidth usage on the basis of connection and can further drill down to discover which apps are consuming more bandwidth.

A bandwidth meter can also help troubleshoot slow networks. Additionally, one may set the amount of data received and sent to any device through its active use. However, users do not necessarily need to download an external bandwidth meter application in order to track bandwidth – starting with Windows 8, Microsoft Windows comes equipped with a built-in bandwidth meter through which Internet usage can be tracked by simply marking the connection as a metered connection.


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