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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Cloud

What Does Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Cloud Mean?

A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) cloud is a VDI system deployed in the cloud. This is similar to Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), but there is a difference in how it is distributed. A VDI cloud is more likely privately owned by the organization, being deployed in its private cloud, rather than being employed "as a service" like DaaS is.


Techopedia Explains Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Cloud

A VDI cloud is simply a VDI deployed as a cloud service. It retains all of the advantages and disadvantages of traditional VDI only with a cloud component. The in-house IT department still has the same responsibilities in managing the VDI cloud as it would a traditional VDI, but have the added advantage of cloud distribution and all of the advantages that a cloud infrastructure brings, especially to remote working and device compatibility.

It is important to note that what separates a VDI cloud from DaaS is the distribution model. Where DaaS is a public service that an organization contracts from a third-party, a VDI cloud is an in-house endeavor. This means that the organization maintains total control of the VDI while retaining all of the advantages of a DaaS, except maybe for the obvious convenience and possible cost savings DaaS might have.


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