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Entity Analytics

What Does Entity Analytics Mean?

Entity analytics make use of like and related entities in order to perform analytics on relationships, people, transactions, events and things. The entities could be spread across large and disparate collections of data. Entity data can be fetched from traditional structured data sources and unstructured data. It works by presenting a single and unified view of organizations, locations and people. By connecting the various dots together, much can be studied based on relationships and data repositories, which can help organizations enhance their customer experience.


Techopedia Explains Entity Analytics

Entity analytics help organizations by launching more target-oriented campaigns and by reducing the risk of fraud. With the help of entity analytics, organizations can predict and preempt suspicious activity faster and with reduced costs. Entity analytics further help by allowing enterprises to detect the entities that are the same, regardless of whether the entities are hidden or masked. It not only helps in the detection, but with the help of various entity analytic solutions, automatic notifications can be issued in the case of questionable activities for quick detection and prevention.


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