Bumper Case

What Does Bumper Case Mean?

A bumper case is a type of smartphone or mobile device case that protects the sides of the phone with a raised edge design. Bumper cases are often made out of soft rubber or similar materials.


Techopedia Explains Bumper Case

As smartphones have evolved, bumper cases have been part of a range of accessories that help protect the phone from occasional problems like dropping. The bumper case fits around the edge of the phone, and prevents the phone’s screen from coming into contact with flat surfaces such as floors or tables.

However, over time, manufacturers have also started to make the actual devices more resistant to breakage. One excellent example is the evolution of the Apple iPhone. Based on the design of current iPhone models, many believe that bumper cases may no longer be needed, because of design changes like heavier and more durable glass, differences in surface construction, and other changes that make the phones heartier and less vulnerable.


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