Hard Shell Case

What Does Hard Shell Case Mean?

A hard shell case is a type of computer case with a hardened outer shell to protect a mobile device, in most cases a laptop, from damage. The cases are typically designed to fit a particular model of computer. Other cases have soft foam padding inside for extra protection. There are a number of cases on the market for various devices.


Techopedia Explains Hard Shell Case

A hard shell case is intended to protect a device from damage to its exterior from mechanical shocks or drops.

There are a range of designs available, ranging from simple outer shells that fit around a device to cases with foam padding inside for extra protection. These hard shell cases evolved from cases designed to protect musical instruments, such as guitars, while being transported. There are even cases designed for extreme situations such as in combat.

There are a number of hard shell cases on the market. These cases are typically designed to fit either a particular model of computer or a certain size, such as cases designed for 13-inch, 14-inch or 15-inch laptops.


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