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What Does Streaming Analytics Mean?

Streaming analytics work by allowing organizations to
set up real-time analytics computations on data streaming from applications,
social media, sensors, devices, websites and more. Streaming analytics provide
quick and appropriate time-sensitive processing along with language
integration for intuitive specifications. Streaming analytics make use of a simple
SQL variant and reduce the complexities of stream processing systems.


Techopedia Explains Streaming Analytics

Enormous amounts of data are constantly flowing through wires. Organizations that can act on this streaming data can improve their efficiency drastically. Real-time streaming analytics help a range of industries by issuing alerts when customer experience is degraded, real-time fraud detection and so on.

Streaming analytics are highly scalable and can easily handle high event throughput of up to 1 GB/second. It is reliable and can help prevent data loss through its built-in recovery capabilities. Streaming analytics is a cloud-based service and thus is a low cost solution. Organizations are charged per the streaming unit usage.

Streaming analytics is essentially all about extracting business value from data in motion in the same way traditional analytics tools make use of data at rest.


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