Big Data Analytics Platform

What Does Big Data Analytics Platform Mean?

A big data analytics platform helps in extracting the value out of data. Data is only useful when beneficial business outcomes can be derived from it, and in order to extract the valuables from data, proper measures need to be adopted. One needs to measure data from the business point of view and realize its potential. For this to happen, a big data analytics platform is needed.


Techopedia Explains Big Data Analytics Platform

An ideal big data analytics platform can be measured by its veracity, volume, variety and velocity. Big data manifests within itself various possibilities, but the big data on its own is not yet explored to its fullest, and exploring it would require one to have access to a big data analytics platform through which various correlations can be made and reporting can be done.

A big data analytics platform helps in augmenting the data, content and location analytics, interactive data visualization and in an array of other ways.


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