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Real-Time Big Data

What Does Real-Time Big Data Mean?

It is critical for modern and agile enterprises to extract information from operational data in real time. Thus, real-time big data extraction proves to be beneficial in boosting revenue, reducing operational costs and enhancing efficiency overall. Real-time big data has numerous advantages for enterprises. It works by helping them make well-informed decisions, unveil new opportunities and gain a new dimension of insight.


Techopedia Explains Real-Time Big Data

Real-time big data is not only about storing petabytes of data in a warehouse. Real-time big data helps by enabling organizations to do something meaningful from the extracted data quickly and cost-effectively. It can help organizations detect fraud while someone is swiping a credit card or placing an order on a website. It works by combining and analyzing the data, thus allowing well-informed decisions to be made at the right time and at the right place.

It governs the use of new techniques through which the analysis could be performed on large data sets. All this is possible through various software frameworks associated with real-time big data.


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