Log Analysis Tools

What Does Log Analysis Tools Mean?

Log analysis tools are popularly also called as network log analysis tools. These are the tools that help in extracting the data and useful trends out of computer-generated records. These automatically generated records are called log records. Log analysis tools are popularly used for security purposes system troubleshoot and auditing. These tools are also widely used for investigation purposes.


Techopedia Explains Log Analysis Tools

Log analysis tools are powerful tools that help to generate web, streaming and mail server statistics graphically. They could function through command line or
graphical user interface as per their features. With the help of a partial information file, these tools are capable of generating large log files. These work
by automating the log analysis and improving the IT operations. These help to fight against possible threats and ensure that everything is compliant. These could even help to drill down various details in depth including of IP address, ports, and source and destination machines and so on.


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