What Does Icky-Pic Mean?

Icky-pic is a nickname for a gel-type substance that is put inside some types of multi-strand fiber cable, typically outdoor cabling. Outdoor rated cables such as twisted pair copper cabling and fiber-optic cable often have this type of gel installed inside to protect the interior wires from water damage or damage caused by wildlife.


Techopedia Explains Icky-Pic

Icky-pic is a petrochemical product. It can be extremely sticky and can stain hands and clothing. It is also flammable, which leads to difficulty meeting UL ratings and other kinds of workarounds for installation.

Cable contractors and others who work with outdoor cabling often complain about the mess that icky-pic makes when outdoor cable has to be opened up. Now, some companies are replacing icky-pic systems with dry or gel-free designs that use different water-blocking systems instead of the traditional gel filler. New types of protective substances involve super absorbent polymers (SAPs) applied in the form of powders.


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