Method Of Procedure (MOP)

What Does Method Of Procedure (MOP) Mean?

A method of procedure (MOP) is a step-by-step sequence for performing an operation. It tells the maintenance and operations technicians how to execute the actions in order to perform an operation. The operation or action could be anything that involves the change of state of critical components involved in installation. Good methods of procedure help organizations to manage complex data centers.


Techopedia Explains Method Of Procedure (MOP)

The basic purpose of a MOP is to ensure the desired outcome by controlling actions. A MOP can be a stand-alone document or it can be a part of standard operating procedures (SOP). A SOP details how changes are required to be made during normal operations. Several MOPs combine to form a SOP. However, on the whole a SOP is not as detailed as a MOP is. An individual MOP could be a part of multiple SOPs, and thus it is easier to revise SOPs that are made from individual MOPs.

The components of a MOP depend on the complexity of the activity that is to be conducted and the impact of the failure in its execution. Broadly, MOPs contain fields and details. Every MOP should consist of version control, author, date, identifier and the approval signature.


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