What Does Curation Mean?

The word “curation” in IT refers to those processes for selecting, maintaining and storing digital assets. In general, this may refer to any type of digital asset including text, images, video, multimedia, or even other types of technology content, such as unformatted digital posts or rich media pieces, or small physical hardware items.


Techopedia Explains Curation

Specific types of curation are common in IT. One is content curation – here, IT professionals work to aggregate specific types of digital media or “content” and preserve them for posterity or store them for future retrieval. In addition to working with text files and specific types of file documents, curators might also work with more abstract digital pieces, such as Facebook or Twitter posts or social media posts as well as other types of digital communications that might not be in a particular file format. Issues with curation involve consistent formatting, maintaining storage systems and otherwise developing detailed plans for figuring out what to save and how to save it.


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