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What Does Engagement Mean?

In IT, the term “engagement” refers to user interactions over an interface. It is commonly applied to social media, but engagement can be measured on any platform or website. Typical indicators of engagement include page views, bounce times, time spent on a site, user tracking and other metrics.


Techopedia Explains Engagement

Engagement seeks to measure more than just the number of times that people have visited a website. It takes into account user actions. For example, one of the best illustrations of social media engagement is the use of the Facebook “like” button. By quickly pressing the “like” button, the user is indicating his or her preference for a particular item or post. This is a solid indicator of engagement. Companies might keep track of how many “likes” a product post gets, or how many people comment on it, or how many people share the page. The makeup of social media interfaces has promoted the idea of measuring engagement as a way to benchmark in marketing. Other concepts have also grown up around the idea of engagement, such as customer experience management, which attempts to observe and analyze the experience that customers have online with companies.


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