Mood Board

What Does Mood Board Mean?

A mood board is a collage or composition of images, visuals and other objects, often created for the purposes of design or presentation. Mood boards can help designers to figure out how to create unified styles or themes for a design project.


Techopedia Explains Mood Board

Mood boards can be useful in Web design. They can also be useful for the purpose of making presentations, creating physical print projects, or for any type of comprehensive design work. Mood boards are often physical installations that are made with foam board or cardboard, where designers paste or attach individual objects onto the board. They look at these collections of curated objects to start to imagine the unified look and feel of a creative project. For example, someone using a mood board for Web design might start to put together images that all fit a certain style, along with visuals that have colors or color schemes in common. Looking at the mood board gives them a kind of creative road map in terms of designing the final project.


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