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What Does Blamestorming Mean?

In IT, “blamestorming” is
defined as a group meeting to discuss where the blame lies for a particular
problem. In some ways, the word is a play on the more common “brainstorming,”
which is a positive meeting to discuss creative solutions. In blamestorming, parties
are looking for a scapegoat and trying to identify why something did not work.


Techopedia Explains Blamestorming

Blamestorming has some applications to specific processes like software development. Blamestorming may be part of a conventional development process, but it may be also something that is engineered out of superior processes like agile software development or an evolved DevOps operation.

In general, while blamestorming can be entirely unproductive, it can also play a vital role in IT. This is because so much of what goes into managing IT is technical in nature. By technically defining a reason why something did not work, groups can move onto that secondary process of brainstorming, devising creative ways to change it and make it work.


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