Stress Puppy

What Does Stress Puppy Mean?

A “stress puppy” in IT slang is a person who is involved in a stressful IT job, and thrives on that stress, but still complains about it. While this term has a broader application to all sorts of fields, it is very common in IT, where there are unique stresses around creating error-free technologies and mastering important computer science concepts.


Techopedia Explains Stress Puppy

In IT, a stress puppy often puts his or her skills and workloads above other things like the need for a social life or the priority of taking care of a family. The stress puppy works long hours, and is willing to get involved in jobs that involve a great deal of stress. He or she may spend long hours at work, even when there are alternatives. This type of personality also lets people know how stressful his or her job is and complains about stress, but does not do anything to change the situation. In a sense, stress puppy behavior can be seen as a kind of subcategory of stress narcissism, where being vocal about the situation is just a way to draw attention to one’s self.


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