What Does Hindenbug Mean?

A Hindenbug is a catastrophic bug that destroys data, and
may also shut down systems or cause other major problems with an IT system. It is a
general IT slang word for a major bug that does more than just create a
nuisance or an annoyance for users.


Techopedia Explains Hindenbug

In 1937, the German Hindenburg airship caught fire,
ultimately killing dozens of people. The widely recorded disaster stood as a
symbol of tragic emergency situations gone wrong. Nearly a century later, the
name Hindenburg was morphed into this slang term to describe code problems that
result in serious consequences for developers and users. A Hindenbug might
result, for example, when a mislabeled variable or incorrect parameter causes
input data to crash and be destroyed in a software application. It is a massive
consequence, because that data cannot be recovered. Programmers take Hindenbugs
very seriously.


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