Video Artifact

What Does Video Artifact Mean?

A video artifact
is a noticeable distortion in the quality of video, brought about due to lossy data
compression. Lossy data compression is done in order to simplify the video such
that it can be stored within a smaller disk space or transmitted more easily.


Techopedia Explains Video Artifact

A video artifact occurs when the quality of the video is compromised in order to store the
video within the desired disk space or
transmit it on the desired bandwidth. As
a result, the compressor is not able to
reproduce the full quality of the original version, resulting in compromised
quality, and artifacts are introduced. Large quantization errors lead to a break
up in the picture quality of a video. To combat this, a deblocking filter is used. The output of the decoder is then made to pass through the deblocking filter for further processing.


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