Breidbart Index

What Does Breidbart Index Mean?

The Breidbart Index is in index developed by Seth Breidbart
for identifying spam in newsgroups. Users take advantage of the Breidbart Index
to try to point out which types of posts should be eliminated as spam messages.


Techopedia Explains Breidbart Index

The Breidbart Index has certain criteria. Posting totals are cumulative – the Breidbart Index looks at how many times a certain post is posted on a different newsgroup or venue. The Breidbart Index also weighs excessive multi-posting higher than excessive cross-posting. The index takes the total number of posts and develops it down to a lower number. Any spam that exceeds 20 on the Breidbart Index is considered cancelable on-site.

The Breidbart Index helps to identify various types of messages that are annoying and excessive to newsgroup users. For example, many types of pyramid scheme postings have exceeded the Breidbart Index limit and are now considered automatically as spam.


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