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Case Modification (Case Mod)

What Does Case Modification (Case Mod) Mean?

Case modification is the practice of enhancing, improving or otherwise altering a computer case or shell. Different types of case modification can be done to improve function, for aesthetic purposes, or both.

Case modification is also known as case modding.


Techopedia Explains Case Modification (Case Mod)

Different types of case modification are done for different purposes. Some types of case modification involve adding lights and/or sound devices that show CPU clock speed or other hardware operations in the form of blinking lights or sounds. Many kinds of aesthetic case modding involve making a computer case look modern or futuristic, or otherwise providing some sort of interesting aesthetic result, for example, an exterior bamboo case or a case that puts the computer inside some other kind of modern appliance. Peripheral case modding also exists, which involves making headsets, keyboards, mice and other peripheral devices match a computer. In addition to case modification for computers, there is also the practice of video game console case modification, which is often aesthetic.



Case Modding

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