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Virtual Machine Cluster (VM Cluster)

What Does Virtual Machine Cluster (VM Cluster) Mean?

Virtual machine clustering is an effective technique that ensures high availability of servers and the network. The virtual machine clusters are used in virtual machines which are installed at various services. Each virtual machine in a cluster is interconnected by a virtual network. The process helps in fast deployment and effective scheduling.


Techopedia Explains Virtual Machine Cluster (VM Cluster)

The virtual machine cluster makes use of virtual machines as nodes. The main motive behind a virtual machine cluster is to install multiple functionalities on the same server. This works by enhancing the server utilization.

Virtual machine clusters work by protecting the physical machine from any hardware and software failures. When a physical node fails, the virtual machine can access another node, with no time lag. And thus, virtual machine clustering provides a dynamic backup processes. It is therefore widely used in organizations where data is of great value, all thanks to its easy disaster recovery capabilities.


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