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What Does Hack Mode Mean?

The term “hack mode” in IT references the state of deep
concentration in which a hacker or other user is unlikely to respond well to
distractions in the physical world. People refer to “hack mode” or “deep hack
mode” as a kind of Zen state, a form of deep meditation, or just a state of
being completely concentrated on a technical task.


Techopedia Explains Hack Mode

IT pros or others may use the phrase “deep hack mode” to talk about someone who is very much connected to digital activities through a device. The effects of this kind of concentration are evident anytime someone is forcibly distracted from the state of deep concentration on a laptop, phone or other device. Responses include gestures consistent with startling, confusion and violent responses.

The idea behind hack mode or deep hack mode is that these highly concentrated individuals are engaged in complex tasks. Some talk about the process of “juggling eggs” where programmers, hackers or others are trying to complete digital activities with large amounts of information in their heads. This makes it difficult to deal with real-world distractions and maintain digital concentration at the same time.


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