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What Does Apache Mesos Mean?

Developed at
the University of California, Berkley, Apache Mesos is an open-source cluster
manager. It aims to provide efficient resource isolation and sharing across
distributed frameworks or applications. In other words, it helps in resource sharing
in a fine-grained manner, thus improving
cluster utilization. Apache Mesos is considered the foundation for a large
number of distributed systems.


Techopedia Explains Apache Mesos

Apache Mesos has been built with the same principles as the Linux Kernel. Some of the salient features of Apache Mesos are scalability to thousands of nodes, multi-resource scheduling, web user interface for viewing of cluster state, separation between tasks with Linux containers and fault-tolerant replicated master using Zookeeper. Mesos in some ways can be considered the opposite of virtualization, as virtualization splits a single physical resource into multiple virtual resources, whereas Mesos combines multiple physical resources into a single virtual resource. Apache Mesos consists of master process and frameworks with master process managing slave daemons running on each cluster node and frameworks taking care of tasks on these slaves. The resources offer a list of free resources on multiple slaves.

Similar to PC operating system management resources, Apache Mesos can switch resources from one framework to another as and when needed. It can help reduce a lot of manual steps in the deployment of applications and can help in shifting workloads automatically to keep the utilization rates high. Apache Mesos, with the help of a pluggable allocation module, helps organizations to support diverse inter-framework allocation policies. Apache Mesos is located between the application layer and operating system. This makes it easier in deployment and can manage applications more efficiently in large-scale clustered environments. It can also execute multiple applications on a dynamically shared pool of nodes. Apache Mesos can also provide faster application performance.

Apache Mesos has been adopted by several software companies, including Apple.


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