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What Does Mandelbug Mean?

A mandelbug is a complex type of bug or glitch in a
software product that is difficult to fix because of its complexity and
unpredictability. The mandelbug is named after Prof. Benoit Mandelbrot, a Polish-born
mathematician who built a career at IBM, emigrating after World War II.


Techopedia Explains Mandelbug

Various types of difficult and complicated bugs could be
called mandelbugs. The common idea is that these bugs are resistant to fixes,
because of their chaotic or “non-deterministic” properties. For example, one
common characteristic of a mandelbug would be the difficulty that test teams
would have in replicating it consistently. Bugs like these are often hidden in
the corners of code, in any ambiguities around timing, the use of variables or
other aspects of the underlying source code for the product. Similar types of
terms include bohr bug, heisenberg and shrodinbug.


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