What Does Marketroid Mean?

Marketroid is a slang IT term for someone in a tech company’s marketing department who is either not especially savvy about technology, or who lies or mixes up aspects of product proposals. It is said that the marketroid concentrates solely on marketing, to the exclusion of actual product technology and engineering details.


Techopedia Explains Marketroid

In some ways, the term “marketroid” is used similarly to the term “droid.” Some might think of a marketroid as a “marketing droid” obsessed with the technicalities of marketing, which is why this person might tend to spew marketing jargon at the expense of transparency, or even truth. For example, engineers and designers might create a particular type of hardware device with a certain memory capacity and processor speed. The marketroid might make up a lot of marketing jargon to talk about those capabilities in vague ways, ultimately promising capability that is not there. A marketroid, instead of discussing actual memory volumes in kilobytes or gigabytes, might talk about the “raw power” of the device, or make up some sort of jargon that describes it ambiguously. Engineers and others using the term “marketroid” may complain about these individuals are “bending the rules of physics” or otherwise being less than truthful about products to potential customers.


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