What Does Moby Mean?

The term “moby” in IT can mean several different things.
It is used to describe monolithic systems, impressive advancements or even
above-average hacking skills. The common thread is that the term “moby,” mostly
derived from Herman Melville’s novel “Moby Dick,” is used to indicate something
that is extremely big or important.


Techopedia Explains Moby

One example of the use of “moby” is in describing a big
hacking effort or a technology that is bigger and more impressive than its
predecessors. Somebody might speak of a world-class security hack as a “moby” or
talk about a big new computer as a “moby board.” In choosing devices or
hardware, someone might say “give me a moby” to indicate they want the biggest
one available. When a larger unit of memory storage becomes available, for
example, when hardware storage moves from gigabytes to terabytes, the terabyte-level
storage device or technology might be seen as a moby, because it is so much
bigger than what was available before.


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