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What Does NiFi Mean?

NiFi is a system of enhancing data through filtering with the help of point source security. It was developed by the National Security Agency to enhance and boost the underlying capacities of the host system NiFi is operating on. NiFi’s main purpose is to automate the data flow between two systems. This facilitates better flow of data between two systems, one of which is creating data while the other is consuming it.

NiFi was formerly called Niagarafiles.


Techopedia Explains NiFi

NiFi is built on the philosophy of ensured and guaranteed deliveries. It works by effective load spreading and providing high transaction rates. It supports buffering and can queue the data until the data reaches its intended destination. It also supports prioritized queuing in cases when there are exceptions that the largest, newest or some other data should be processed first.

The main goal of NiFi is thus to enhance the data flow between the two underlying systems on which it is running.




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