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Load Partitioning

Last updated: February 7, 2017

What Does Load Partitioning Mean?

Load partitioning is a method of partitioning and dividing the load on a database such as to increase the performance and efficiency of a system. It improves the manageability and the availability of the information on a particular system. With this method, adding of data into a table becomes quick, easy and convenient.


Techopedia Explains Load Partitioning

Load partitioning helps in easy transforming and loading of data. If the source and the target are mapped on the same database and they are available in the same structures, then load partitioning is the appropriate method to sort out and segregate the data and enhance the performance of a system by distributing the load evenly across it.

With load partitioning, data that has been collected from the web log files and the OLTP database can be loaded along with the bulk amount of historical data on the target area after transforming. This method is a very simple and widely used for organizing the load in the system.


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