What Does Proggy Mean?

“Proggy” is a slang term and IT that is often just used to refer
to a program. It has been part of IT slang for a long time, especially in the United


Techopedia Explains Proggy

Someone might refer to a “proggy” while talking about
creating, modifying or using a program. For example, someone might say “check
out this proggy and what it does” or, in discussing theoretical functionality, “we’ll
come up with a good little proggy for that.” Sometimes there is the implication
that the proggy is made up of smaller parts or modules, or that it is a full
application, rather than a partial piece of source code. “Proggy” can also be
used to describe a set of programming fonts that are often used in Windows,
Apple and UNIX operating systems. In addition, the term may be used as a placeholder or variable name in code.


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