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Quantum Bogodynamics

What Does Quantum Bogodynamics Mean?

Quantum bogodynamics is a field of theory based around a
satirical idea of “bogons” and “bogosity” that suggests these theoretical
particles and their behaviors can have a negative effect on computers and


Techopedia Explains Quantum Bogodynamics

In hacker jargon, the words bogon and bogosity have emerged to describe units of “bogusness” or failure. This is common in discussing internet protocols and other types of technology.

In quantum bogodynamics, a unit called the bogon has properties resembling a photon, but works on a different principle, impacting both machines and human systems. The idea is that high amounts of “bogosity” cause failure in both humans and machines and that various bogon fields and sinks can explain certain kinds of failure. Although these ideas may be couched in heavy scientific words, the whole thing is largely satirical and facetious, and not an actual scientific field.


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