Citizen Data Scientist

What Does Citizen Data Scientist Mean?

A citizen data scientist is a role that analyzes data and creates data and business models for their companies with the help of big data tools and technologies. Citizen data scientists do not necessarily need to be data science or business intelligence experts. This role is given to employees in an organization who can use the big data tools and technology to create data models.


Techopedia Explains Citizen Data Scientist

The role of citizen data scientists was created as companies faced shortages of trained data scientists. While this new role is not a substitute for that of data scientists, it has proved effective in fulfilling the purpose for which it was created. New tools and technologies are being rolled out to fill the void created by the scarcity of data scientists. Such tools could create data models and provide deep insights as well, so companies have trained people to handle these tools. While citizen data scientists are not considered experts in data science, they are capable of using the tools to provide various insights that can be useful for business.

Citizen data scientists are not intended to replace data scientists. In fact, both roles can work in tandem. While data scientists can research and find novel ways of creating data insights, citizen data scientists can continue to use the tools.


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