Analytics of Things

What Does Analytics of Things Mean?

Analytics of Things is the term used to describe the analysis of the data generated by the Internet of Things devices. In other words, analytics of the Internet of Things is Analytics of Things. Analytics of Things is required so as to make the connected devices smart and to give the devices the ability to make intelligent decisions.


Techopedia Explains Analytics of Things

Analytics of Things is still evolving and needs significant time and effort for achieving real business value. Like all other analytics, Analytics of Things comprises data collection and analytics. There are different categories of Analytics of Things, such as understanding patterns and the analysis for variation, detection of anomalies, predictive asset maintenance, optimization by analysis of a procedure or process, prescription and situational awareness.

There are many challenges for Analytics of Things. With the large volume of data generated by the Internet of Things, only a limited data is needed and would be considered meaningful data. So proper strategies are needed for achieving clean analytics without having to process junk data. With the devices used for capturing data, security and privacy needs to be assured in order to protect the integrity of the system. Another challenge for Analytics of Things are the standardization and protocol challenges. A standardization of the communication protocols needs to exist for the devices associated with Internet of Things.

Analytics of Things can help enterprises in ensuring the devices connected to internet work more efficiently and are smarter. Analytics of Things can be a huge asset in predictive analytics, especially in many industrial sectors such as traffic, medical and manufacturing.


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