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White Box Switch

What Does White Box Switch Mean?

A white box switch is a network switch which comes with an installed operating system. It can be used as a standard for the base of hardware system elements. In the case of operating systems, white box switches are generally preinstalled on the system, or can be installed later. Loading of the white box switch is not difficult and can be done in a short period of time.


Techopedia Explains White Box Switch

White box switches are generally used with software-defined networks (SDNs). They are particularly useful in terms of a networking approach where the control is generated from the physical infrastructure after decoupling it. It can act as an efficient open-source tool for management of materials and information on a device. These white box switches are flexible, fast and inexpensive, which is why many opt for this type of switch. It is a standard commodity part of the hardware that can be assembled as and when required by the users.


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