Red Hat Linux

What Does Red Hat Linux Mean?

Red Hat Linux is an open source Linux distribution compiled by the company Red Hat. It was active from 1995 to 2004, during which time several versions of the software were released.


Red Hat Linux was replaced by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, for the enterprise environment, in 2003, and Red Hat Linux was discontinued in 2004.

Techopedia Explains Red Hat Linux

Various versions of Red Hat Linux have been released, with the first one released on May 13, 1995. Red Hat Linux was created with the intent of making it easy to use and install compared to other Linux distributions. It included a graphical installer which was later used by other Linux distributions. Later versions included UTF-8 encoding, making it more usable for a wider variety of languages. However, due to problems with copyrights and patents, Red Hat Linux lacked many features, such as support for the NTFS file system and MP3s, but these features could be installed later.

In 2003 Red Hat Linux merged with the community-based Fedora Project, which has replaced the original Red Hat Linux retail and download versions.


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