VLAN Tagging

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What Does VLAN Tagging Mean?

VLAN tagging is a method through which more than one VLAN is handled on a port.
VLAN tagging is used to tell which packet belongs to which VLAN on the other
side. To make recognition easier, a packet is tagged with a VLAN tag in the Ethernet
frame. Independent logical systems can be formed accurately with the help of
the VLAN tagging inside a physical network itself. Individual domains can be
created with the help of this VLAN tagging system.


Techopedia Explains VLAN Tagging

tagging is performed by the putting the VLAN ID into a header to identify which
network it is present in. This helps in determining which interface or
broadcast area the information packet needs to be sent to in order to receive
the right information. The switches need to be configured beforehand for
working properly with the process of VLAN tagging. With this system, multiple
broadcast systems can be segregated into individual domains. Bridging
traffic can be forwarded with the use of this system. Clients and information
can be organized, configured and grouped logically. Overall, the functionality
of the system is optimized.


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