What Does Wizard Mean?

A wizard is a piece of software that simplifies complicated tasks, or instructs a user about how to complete a task. As a particular kind of user interface, the software wizard could be called a “digital tutorial” or “online (or desktop) guide” that helps users to accomplish their goals.


Techopedia Explains Wizard

Generally, wizards use diverse tools to “walk” human users through a process. Many of these wizards are composed of specific forms in object-oriented programming languages that frame the tutorial itself. Through this graphical user interface, the wizard might use menus, drop-down lists, checkboxes, command buttons and other tools to automate or guide some sort of process.

For example, a wizard is often included in software drivers for setup instructions. From an initial wizard screen, a user can click on a “next” button to advance to the next step in the process, while reading the text and manipulating the controls on each successive screen, to make sure that every step of the process happens properly. These wizards also incorporate user-passive tools, for instance, “wait” screens that show clearly how much time must elapse while the computer undertakes an installation step or other task on its own.


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