SQL As A Service

What Does SQL As A Service Mean?

SQL as a service (SQLaaS) is a database hosted in the cloud intended for developers. Like other solutions in the cloud such as storage solutions, developers can leverage the database capabilities of SQL as a service for their app development. SQL as a service uses a subscription-based model.


Techopedia Explains SQL As A Service

The main features of SQL as a service include:

  • Dynamic adaptability with unique app patterns
  • Adaptive performance tuning
  • Reliability and data protection
  • Scalability on the fly based on requirements
  • No app downtime
  • Management of multitenant applications
  • Adaptability with all types of developer environments
  • Data security

From the perspective of an enterprise, SQL as a service offers an inexpensive and efficient alternative to in-house databases. Managing multiple databases in an organization requires substantial effort and investment. With SQL as a service, the enterprise needs only to buy subscriptions or contracts which can be renewed periodically. Cloud database solutions are generally much cheaper than traditional databases. The main problem this cloud offering has been able to address is the investment and long-term association organizations had to create by purchasing expensive database systems which were difficult to scale whenever required.


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