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Integrated SQL

What Does Integrated SQL Mean?

Integrated SQL is a solution that performs a wide range of tasks related to data migration. It is also a platform for data integration and various workflow applications, and it can automate standard extraction, transformation and loading (ETL). It can also automate the maintenance of updating multidimensional cube data and SQL Server databases.


Techopedia Explains Integrated SQL

The main characteristics of integrated SQL solutions are:

  • Moving data from a single source to the destination with no transformation applied on the data
  • Moving a variety of data types such as text files and data files to a variety of destinations
  • Coding environment for coders
  • Built-in capacity to create a variety of workflows for a variety of purposes

The solution provides a connection which provides the information for moving data from source to destination, event handlers to handle the different events designed as part of the workflows which are defined within the platform, and parameters that allow the passing of values to the different properties located inside the packages when the packages are executed. An integrated SQL solution also lets the user define atomic tasks which are programmed to complete different actions, for example, the data transformation task copies data and also implements the ETL features of a product. The user can assign variables which can store a number of results, provide data to make decisions and help make configurations.


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