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Heat Map

What Does Heat Map Mean?

A heat map is a two-dimensional representation of information with the help of colors. Heat maps can help the user visualize simple or complex information. Heat maps are used in many areas such as defense, marketing and understanding consumer behavior. Heat maps can be created with the help of software applications such as Microsoft Excel and others.


Techopedia Explains Heat Map

Heat maps can be useful in several activities such as understanding election results in a region or user behavior on a website. In the case of election results, distinct colors generated by the map can indicate the regions or seats won by different parties. Similarly, in the case of user behavior on a website, distinct colors can indicate both frequent and infrequent clicks on the website. Therefore, this makes a heat map a useful tool for data analysis. Heat maps and big data are allies in providing meaningful insights, as heat maps are capable of displaying complex data in a simple visual format for the end user.


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