Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

What Does Microsoft System Center Operations Manager Mean?

The Microsoft
System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is a suite of systems management products that
manage end-to-end services of the IT infrastructure in an enterprise. IT
infrastructure plays an important role in business continuity in an enterprise,
so it is important to maintain the IT infrastructure. The Microsoft System
Center Operations Manager provides important information such as computer
health, issues and anti-virus software status. It is especially useful in the context of a large enterprise with
a large and complex IT infrastructure.


Techopedia Explains Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

enterprises employ large and complex IT infrastructure, and Microsoft System
Center Operations Manager is especially useful in such cases. It is not
possible to manually monitor every single computing resource in large enterprises. The Microsoft
System Center Operations Manager comprises a sub-unit known as the management
group, which also contains certain sub-units known as the management server,
operational database, data warehouse database and the reporting server. Each
sub-unit is responsible for a unique set of tasks. For example, the management
server is responsible for the configuration of the management group,
communication and administration of agents and databases. A management group
can comprise multiple management servers depending on the size of the computing
environment. The agents collect data on the computing resources and sends
alerts, if necessary.


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