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Agentless UI

What Does Agentless UI Mean?

An agentless user interface or “agentless UI” is one that
does not depend on a manual process on a host machine. Agentless UI design
removes a major bottleneck for remote access, and makes a user interface easier
to install and use.


Techopedia Explains Agentless UI

Agentless UI may require administrators to set up a user account on a host machine that works in the background, so that the program can use remote access directly through this user account. The remote access can use typical internet protocols such as FTP and SSH.

In addition to other remote use standards, agentless UI design can be important for setting up easy sign-on and login systems to provide access to information from anywhere. This is a big issue in today’s technology world, as companies experiment with mobile systems that access information through mobile devices in the field. For example, agentless UI design might be part of a system that offers salespeople the ability to quickly dial into key company information from their smartphones when they are outside of the office.


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