Object Level Recovery

What Does Object Level Recovery Mean?

Object level recovery is a method of restoring individual database objects from a backup rather than the whole database. This is a feature of third-party products that makes restoring backups from relational databases much faster and easier than restoring a whole database in case some parts are accidentally deleted or corrupted.


Techopedia Explains Object Level Recovery

When part of a database is accidentally deleted or modified, usually the only thing that administrators can do is hope the wanted data was saved on a recent backup. With very large databases, restoring a few entries in a table from a backup can be an expensive proposition, in both storage space and time. An administrator needs enough disk space to unpack the backup and enough time to sift through it looking for the records that need to be copied over into the main database.

Object level recovery solves this problem by letting administrators pick out the exact objects they want from a database and use those for repair instead of a whole backup. Object level restore comes from third-party vendors who specialize in database backup and recovery.


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