SQL Server Business Intelligence

What Does SQL Server Business Intelligence Mean?

SQL Server Business Intelligence (BI) is a series of tools for transforming raw data into information businesses can use to make decisions. It previously encompassed the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) IDE in previous versions of Microsoft SQL Server, but has been superseded by SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence since the release of Visual Studio 2010.


Techopedia Explains SQL Server Business Intelligence

Microsoft SQL Server comes with tools to make business intelligence, the transformation of raw data into actionable information, easier.

Formerly, SQL Server used Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) to allow developers to transform data, but since Visual Studio 2010, it has been superseded by SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence. This allows Visual Studio users to quickly build business intelligence programs and test them.

The business intelligence tools are intended to allow developers to perform extract, transform and load operations (ETL) on data from data warehouses. Applications include performance metrics, analytics, enterprise reporting and knowledge management.


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