Alternative SQL Query

What Does Alternative SQL Query Mean?

Alternative SQL queries are a family of query languages that allow developers to specify queries to SQL databases with languages other than the standard SQL. They are typically implemented for specific languages, such as for Scala, Scheme, Ruby and Haskell. The goal is to let developers create queries in languages they are more comfortable in.


Techopedia Explains Alternative SQL Query

Alternative SQL query languages serve as front ends to the query languages of the popular SQL servers, such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. They are designed to let users of other programming languages easily interface with relational database servers.

Some of these alternative SQL query languages include:

  • SchemeQL, CLSQL, ScalaQL and ScalaQuery for the Scheme and Scala dialects of Lisp, respectively
  • SQLStatement and ActiveRecord for Ruby
  • HaskellDB for Haskell

Other alternative query languages include HTSQL, Muldis D and MDX. All of these languages are intended to address shortcomings in the standard SQL language.


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