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Cross-Product Dashboard

What Does Cross-Product Dashboard Mean?

A cross-product dashboard is a database dashboard that shows the joining of two different SQL database tables. The name comes from the term “cross product” in relational algebra, which is the basis for relational databases. A cross-product dashboard represents a cross-product graphically, including lines, bar charts and pie graphs designed for use by executives.


Techopedia Explains Cross-Product Dashboard

A cross-product dashboard shows the results of a cross-product, also known as a cross join or Cartesian join, in an SQL database like Microsoft’s SQL Server or MySQL. A cross-product connects two different tables in a database into one bigger table. A cross-product might include a combination of a list of orders and a list of customers.

The dashboard shows a graphical picture of a database. It could be a line graph or a pie chart. The advantage of using a dashboard is that a user doesn’t have to know SQL or enter commands in a database. This makes cross-product dashboards very useful for executives who need to view information about their business at a glance.


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