Edge Scoring

What Does Edge Scoring Mean?

Edge scoring refers to a type of processing that internet of things (IoT) devices can do. With edge processing, devices can actually perform the
analytics right there, where the data is collected, instead of sending the data back to a central
machine handling all the processing. This saves a lot of bandwidth and
processing power by distributing computation.


Techopedia Explains Edge Scoring

Edge scoring is the process of offloading analytics
processing to IoT devices rather than just having them send back data to be
processed by systems. This takes advantage of the computing power that a lot of
IoT devices have by using a form of edge processing. This makes it more
efficient to deploy IoT networks, since there is not as much of a need to
dedicate machines solely to the task of handling analytics. Since these sensors
can send a lot of data, it lessens the load on a network.


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