Internet of Things Gateway

What Does Internet of Things Gateway Mean?

An internet of things gateway (IoT gateway) is a device that lets legacy
industrial devices report data using the internet, participating in the internet of things concept, as well as enabling technologies or systems with disparate protocols interact with one another. An internet of things gateway allows a device to
report data using its sensors to a remote location. A number of companies are marketing hardware gateways.


Techopedia Explains Internet of Things Gateway

A number of companies are investing in internet of things technology where sensors in devices report data remotely, but there are still a
lot of industrial devices that do not have an internet connection. They are used
for things like factory floor automation and controlling utilities. The
organizations who have installed them do not want to throw them away, so an IoT gateway connects these devices to a network using both wired and wireless options. Companies can then make use of the data for telemetry, analytics or building a smart grid.

IoT gateways also enable devices to connect and communicate with each other by
translating different protocols into something common. It filters out
unnecessary data from a large volume of data, making sure that the
communication is secure, and also contributes to data processing.


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