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Active Directory Security

What Does Active Directory Security Mean?

Active Directory security is the practice of maintaining security for Microsoft Active Directory. It includes a variety of processes to prevent unauthorized access. The security procedures revolve mainly around protecting access to the administrative accounts and using good practices for maintaining access to sensitive data. It also includes patching applications when needed.


Techopedia Explains Active Directory Security

Microsoft Active Directory is a popular method in many enterprises for managing logins across an entire organization. Unfortunately, this makes it a prime target for hackers and other malicious users. A number of best practices have evolved to make using Active Directory more secure.

These best practices typically focus on protecting important accounts, such as administrator accounts and accounts for executives who may have sensitive information about a business. The first line of defense is keeping all important software, including the operating system, updated. Another method to limit access is to implement the principle of least privilege, only giving access to certain files based on who needs them. Effective use of group policy can limit the possibility of outsiders getting access to confidential information in case an account is compromised.


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